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Buffalo Bills Super Bowl History
Buffalo Bills Super Bowl History

They are the only team in history to win Buffalo Bills AFC Championship  four seasons in a row. The team was finally ready for the Super Bowl.   Buffalo Bills expectations were high.  In 1993 they became the first team to play in four consecutive Super Bowls.  Bills are the  first team to lose four consecutive Super Bowls as well. They also  are the first team to play against the same team in 2 consecutive Super Bowls. The team is  also among eight teams with the longest super Bowl droughts. They had   last played in 1993 in the Super Bowl XXVIII.

1964:San Diego Chargers vs Buffalo Bills

 The Buffalo Bills began playing in 1960 in the AFL before joining the NFL in 1970 in the AFL-NFL merger struck that season. They had an impressive run in the AFL, is the only team from Buffalo to win major league championships having won back-to-back AFL championships in 1964 and 1965. The 1964 AFL championship against the San Diego Chargers, who were the defending AFL champions at the time, was the Bills first league championship. The next year the two teams met again and the Buffalo Bills won their second AFL title. These remain the only two championships won by a major league football team out of Buffalo.

  1965:San Diego Chargers vs Buffalo Bills

Joining the NFL seemed to bring bad luck to the team as the 1970s and 1980s were characterized by several losses interspersed with a few wins. In the 70s the team went through a number of changes. They changed  homes from the War Memorial Stadium that had fallen into disrepair to a new stadium. This is also the decade they signed O.J Simpson who became the face of the team for the decade.  With an impressive offensive line is known as the “Electric Company”, made of Dave Foley, Donnie Green, Joe DeLamielleure, Mike Montler and Reggie McKenzie.

They  provided O.J support led the team to their first NFL playoff in 1974. The team experienced internal troubles and had another bad run until 1980 when they beat Miami Dolphins after losing to them for 11 years and were on their way to first AFC title. The 80s were not kind to the Buffalo Bills though despite the amazing start. By 1985 attendance at the stadium was less than 30,000. In 1987 things changed and the Buffalo Bills won their first AFC title. They took back the title for the next three consecutive seasons.

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