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Top Buffalo Bills Rivals 2017

Buffalo Bills and its’s Rivals

Football is a game for the fittest. That is why the National Football League continues to give various teams the opportunity to be number one through its annual competition. Since several best teams arise and build its name in the football industry, both National Football Conference and American Football Conference search for the champions. Check out Buffalo Bills Rivals till 2018.

To be number one is not a piece of cake. A team undergoes rigid training in which enhances their mind and skills in football strategic planning and playing. Along with different teams, rivals ascend. In addition, the Buffalo Bill is not an exception in terms of other participant’s perspective rival.

1: Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins

Bills and Dolphins Rivals are members of American Football Conference East Division. Because of this, the two frequently meet per season and had met in National Football League for four times. Different remarkable match-up all throughout the years recounted their Buffalo Bills Rivals.

In 1978 season, an incident happened to Buffalo Bills, which lead them in borrowing helmets from Miami Dolphins to continue the scheduled game. This adds up to this two teams unending connection. Another, in the year 1972, marked the perfect season for Miami when Bills kicked the extra second and scored 24-23. This tight game really howled the crowd with thrill and nerve breaking excitement. The rivalry also involved fights between players in two opposing teams. Once, it was between Cox and Gardner that took place in the tunnel and the Dolphin’s locker room. The rivalry flame between these teams still lighted when owner Ralph Wilson refused to transfer them to the North division.

2: Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots

Aside from the rivalry of Buffalo Bills to Patriots, this team is also a competitor to the England Patriots. There has been a professional Buffalo Bills Rivals in the American football sphere since the two are in the East division. Because of this, the Patriots plays with them in two arranged playoffs each season. Though both reigned in the players’ hall of fame, the difference is that one from the previous year and the other is from the present year. Additionally, the two teams have shared head coaches who were Lou Saban, Hank Bulough and Pepper Johnson. For these reasons, the rivalry never halts since both shared almost the same experiences from mutual coaches.

3: Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets

Playing in the same division really sparks rivalry; One of Buffalo Bills Rivals is the New York Jets. These teams both represent the same state, and both wanted to make the East proud. This football competition among teams gives Bills and Jets two games in every season, wherein they meet and show their fans what they have. Even the supporters split into two, Western New York for the Bills and New York City for the Jets. Back in the history, their rivalry started at the year 1960 until today when they have even shared Rex Ryan a Jet’s head coach who is now Bills’ new coach. The 2015 game, heated the competition as Bills knocked off Jets with their second victory. This only proves that the rivalry between these teams has just get started, and there is more to await.

Buffalo Bills Rivalry Game Schedule 2018-19

Regular Season NFL 2018 Week 13

Sunday, December 2 at 1:00p ET
Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins
Hard Rock Stadium


Regular Season NFL 2018 Week 17

Sunday, December 30 at 1:00p ET
Miami Dolphins vs Buffalo Bills
New Era Field

Regular Season NFL 2018 Week 8

Monday, October 29 at 8:15p ET
New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills
New Era Field

Regular Season NFL 2018 Week 16

Sunday, December 23 at 1:00p ET
Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots
Gillette Stadium


Regular Season NFL 2018 Week 10

Sunday, November 11 at 1:00p ET
Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets
MetLife Stadium

Regular Season NFL 2018 Week 14

Sunday, December 9 at 1:00p ET
New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills
New Era Field

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