New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills Rivalry

New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills Rivalry
New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills Rivalry 2018 (Getty Images)


New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills Rivalry : Bitter AFC East Rivalry

What a National Football League rivalry between the Buffalo Bills and the New England Patriots. The teams had their first ever match in a preseason game during the American Football League’s first season on 30th July 1960. They have had 144 meetings so far. The teams have combined thirteen times for the AFL/AFC championships. The teams are usually scheduled to meet at least twice in a season. Lets Check out New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills Rivalry.

Patriots vs Bills Rivalry Analysis

The Patriots have won in most of their meetings, and they have emerged out to be the strongest. They lead on 70-43-1, all-time series. The Patriots have recorded the largest victory of 56-10 in 2007. The teams had their latest meeting on October 30th, 2016 where the Patriots recorded a win of 41-25. The patriots have ensured to have maintained a large winning margin all through out.

This is a professional rivalry because both of the teams are members of the East Division of the American Football Conference in the NFL. Bills victory has been so rare to the extent that the Patriots have used them as stepping stones to become one of the strongest teams in NFL. The rivalry has always remained because the teams have lost players and coaches to the other team on several occasions making both teams never wanting to lose against each other just to keep their reputation. Each team always intends to outshine the other and emerge as the best.

Impact of The Rivalry

This rivalry has always caused anger to the Bills which has led to hatred between the fans of the two teams. On the other side, this has always been a happy result for the Patriots. It has also caused the Patriots to emerge as one of the strongest team in the league. Bills’ players have often felt demoralized, and their ratings have gone down due to their continuous loss whereas the Patriots’ players have always been motivated and their form and ratings have gone so high. The bills have also lost a number of their coaches and players even to the Patriots. This rivalry has also caused the Patriots to have talented and well-skilled players; it has improved the stability of its coaches too.

Patriots vs Bills Rivalry Game Schedule Season 2018-19

Regular Season NFL 2018 Week 8

Monday, October 29 at 8:15p ET
New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills
New Era Field

Regular Season NFL 2018 Week 16

Sunday, December 23 at 1:00p ET
Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots
Gillette Stadium

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This rivalry has always been exciting and of high competition. It has always been a good moment for the Patriots for they have recorded several victories. The players too have always found a chance to up their game, and learn new skills. On the other side, the Patriots vs Bills Rivalry has also caused weak moments to other fans, disappointments, and hatred.

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