The Buffalo Bills Football Game cheerleaders History:

Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders 2017
Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders 2017

We’ve seen them rooting for our boys ever since we can remember. But have you ever wondered about how these girls ended up in the cheerleading team? You can find out more about the Buffalo Bills cheerleaders, from how they started to what the selection process consists of and of course, how they train them to look so great on the field. Here are the most important details you always wondered about when looking at the gorgeous Bills cheerleaders also you will get the cheerleaders videos.

Cheerleaders’ history

Women were allowed to cheer for the first time in 1923, at the University of Minnesota. It was in this period that they started adding acrobatic schemes to their routines, but it wasn’t until the 1940s that women started cheerleading in a larger number. The Buffalo Bills Football Game cheerleaders History started out rooting for the team back in 1960. They were 8 ambitious young women coming from the Buffalo State College.

They stopped cheerleading under the name of Buffalo Bills cheerleaders in 1966 and started doing it again in 1967, when the Buffalo Jills professional team was founded. It was a long way for them especially that they started out as 8 woolen dressed cheerleaders and ended up as 36 young ladies with more revealing uniforms. Some of the most popular names from 1963 were given by Audrey Bingel, Marge Gidos, Carolyn Wahl and Karen Mislin.

Watch buffalo bills cheerleaders 2016 Training Camps
Watch buffalo bills cheerleaders 2016 Training Camps

Cheerleaders’ selection process

The selection process for the Buffalo Bills cheerleaders implies a series of crucial conditions and must have’s. First of all, all Bills cheerleaders need to have a great deal of precision when dancing. Many people forget that a professional cheerleading team is actually a dance team. That is why more often than not, a cheerleader must not only perform well as an individual but she must also synchronize herself perfectly with the team.

Another important trait one must fulfill to be a part of the cheerleading team is power. That’s right; every cheerleader must be able to show off movements that display sharpness, power and great ease.

If you’ve managed to tick off these first few characteristics it’s important you also have a good physical appearance as well as athletic abilities. The cheerleading team rally does value physical appearance, especially that they only audition models or other cheerleaders.

Being a professional cheerleading team it is important that all the members show a great amount of professionalism, especially if they represent an entire organization. You must always have in mind the type of conduct that the entire team would be proud of. A few examples of such situations include punctuality, answering questions with ease, handle various situations with grace and elegance and always smile to anyone you talk to.

Besides actually having a dance background on your resume, you should know that being a part of the Buffalo Bills cheerleaders means more than just a few simple dance moves you learn overnight. There were many cases in which most girls had to prove they had some knowledge in jazz, pom and hip hop, as the NFL cheerleading principles usually guide themselves through the combination of the three. And if you look closely, you’ll notice that the Buffalo Jills cheerleaders really do express all of the three dance styles.

Cheerleader’s training:

   All Buffalo Bills cheerleaders need to undergo proper training. Starting with endurance, cheerleaders must remember that they need to cheer for 2 hours during a game. This means daily running, leg muscles training and elliptical training. By doing these exercises in 10-minute intervals for a few times a day, all cheerleaders are able to strengthen their core and get them closer to a fitter version of themselves.

    Next, cheerleaders push their limits with a tough circuit consisting of jumping jacks, crunches, pushups and planking. Most cheerleaders do these routines without taking any breaks between rounds. By repeating this circuit every day they boost up their overall performance.

Other training tricks include increasing flexibility by stretching out a lot, as well as using a gymnastics facility that helps them improve their tumbling, which is an essential part of cheerleading. Next, cheerleaders focus on learning cartwheels, round offs, handstands, bridges, as well as back bends. Finally, all Bills cheerleaders include in their daily routines the following: taking a dance class, doing Pilates, weightlifting as well as swimming that are all able to increase endurance and strengthen the core.

We hope you enjoyed finding out more about the world of cheerleading. If you are interested in going to an audition be sure to check the official site of the Buffalo Bills, at

The Buffalo Bills Football Game cheerleaders History 2017