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Buffalo Bills Mobile Apps
top Buffalo Bills Mobile Apps 2018

The buffalo bills are members of the professional football team from Buffalo, new York. This team competes in the National football league in the eastern division. The team started in 1960 as one of the original members of the American football league. They were one of the very first members to join the NFL after its merger with the AFL in 1970. The bills became famous after winning two consecutive AFL championships in 1964 and 1965. However, since the merger, the club has not won any title to this date.

Football fans love nothing more than the excitement of game day. To that end, there have been developed several mobile applications in their name that serve multiple purposes. We will talk about a few of these apps and its core functionalities.


This is also an app no buffalo bill fan should be lacking.  Buffalo bill Games Online Live TV app helps you keep up with the team and also stream their football games. The user can get scores, news, standings, videos, pictures and more on the buffalo bills. The app also includes Sunday Night Football TV ,Monday night Football tv, Thursday Night football TV and chat area that you will love. If your are interested in the bills wallpapers, then look no further. Download it today for iPhone and be amazed.

Buffalo Bills Mobile AppS

This is the buffalo bills official mobile app. This app is supported by both Android, iPhone and iPod touch. It gives you a unique game day experience for the Bills games. The app is quite functional as it provides an all in one experience by giving you all that you need just by the swipe of a finger. Buffalo Bills Mobile gives you breaking news in real time from the bills, blogs after the game, a sneak peek at the upcoming games. The app also gives its users access to video on demand clips of the bills press conferences, player and coach interviews. You are also allowed access to the latest photos relating to the bills, podcasts, live stats and scores from the NFL stats engine and much more.

Buffalo Bills Touch APPS

This is the official Buffalo Bills interactive app for iPad. This app brings all the energy an enthusiasm from fans at home and in the stadium. The app features up-to-the-minute stats, behind-the-scenes player videos, immersive multimedia experiences and game-day streaming that is as exciting as being in the field. The app extends the fans’ game day experience all over the world, promotes discussions between the team and its fans by integrating it with Instagram and Twitter.

Buffalo Football News APPS

This is yet another top buffalo bill app that lets you know all about your favorite team. This is the premier news aggregator for the bills on Android. The application spots feature such as news from both local and national sources via RSS feeds, quick and simple sharing of content with your friends and Background updates and notifications. Best of all, it is free.

Buffalo Bills Facts APPS

This app enables you to learn many facts about the buffalo bills. This app enables you to amaze your friends with the knowledge you have on the bills and becomes more fun when you start to quiz them about it. There are new facts frequently added so that it remains relevant. This app, however, is not associated with the buffalo bills organization. This app is available for android.

Buffalo Football News 

If you are a big buffalo bills fan, then this is not an app you can afford to miss. You can get all your news about your favorite team by configuring an automatic update that allows you to personalize the perimeters of your search. One gets instantly notified when there is news about the bills. This app sources its information from CBSSport, ESPN, Yahoo! Sports. This app is available for android.

Buffalo Bills 2010 News and Rumors

This is your complete source for facts and information on the bills. This app also sources its data from local and international news sources like FOX, ESPN, NFL, NBC, and Yahoo!. This app allows for the user to have a streamlined user experience and usability. You can customize the news section and filter off the un  necessary information so that you can just see what you want. This app also shows stats about the bills and how they have performed against other teams in the past.

  Blitz app

This app helps you get information that is unfiltered from a reliable source; the Buffalo news. The news team will let you know all about the bills from training camp to the drafts. This app is available for iPhone only.

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