Top Ten Best Buffalo Bills Players All Time

Best Buffalo Bills Players All Time
Best Buffalo Bills Players All Time Getty Images

Buffalo Bills are the only franchise in NFL to appear for four consecutive Super Bowls. It’s also the only team to lose four back-to-back titles. But that doesn’t take away the performance that the team put up to win four consecutive championships to enter the Super Bowls. Check out Best Buffalo Bills Players All Time below.

Buffalo Bills saw many successful seasons with just a few failures in NFL. The team currently is suffering the longest standing drought in the history of a mainstream sport. The franchise hasn’t been able to qualify for the NFL playoffs since 1999. Despite that, Bills created many legends. The team’s history created 9 Pro Football Hall of Famers. Let’s have a look at the top 10 Buffalo Bills players of all time.

1. Bruce Smith

Bruce Smith sits right on top when listing the defensive players in NFL. Smith served Buffalo Bills for 15 years and put up 171 sacks, 941 tackles, and 35 forced fumbles. The two times ‘Defensive Player of the Year’ and’s 31st best player ever has been to the Pro Bowls 14 times and All-Pro 11 times.

2. Jim Kelly 

After refusing to play for the Bills in 1983, Kelly joined the franchise three years later. Buffalo Bills finished the season 101-59 under him. The quarterback also led the side to four Super Bowl appearances. In his career, he led the Bills to make 22 last quarter comebacks. He got in Pro Bowls 5 times and All-Pro 3 times.

3. Thurman Thomas

Thomas is a name from the league of 6 players who scored 60 rushing and 20 receiving touchdowns in NFL’s history. Thomas in his 12 years with the Bills covered 11,938 yards for 80 touchdowns. With 456 receptions he added another 4,341 yards and scored 22 touchdowns. Thomas is five times Pro Bowler, three-time All-Pro, and 1991 MVP. He joined the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2007.

4. Andre Reed

If Kelly was the best quarterback for the Bills, Reed was his favorite receiver. He completed 27 receptions for 353 yards In Super Bowls. Reed has been Pro Football Hall of Fame finalist multiple times but hasn’t yet made it. He is a seven-times Pro Bowler, two-times All-Pro and ranks 12th in career receiving yards.

5. Kent Hull

Hull came to the Bills from USFL along with another teammate. His teammate was too quick to earn fame while Hull was yet to make a unique identity. He played 11 seasons and was the Pro Bowls thrice and the first team All-Pro twice. The importance of Hull was the impact he made to make the K-Gun a fine offensive line back then. Hull managed to reach 12 or higher AV despite playing in center.

6. O. J. Simpson

O.J. Simpson is a four-time rushing champion, six-time Pro Bowler, four-times All-Pro, 1973 MVP, and AP’s Athlete of the Year 1973. Simpson for his 9 seasons with the Bills recorded 10,183 yards and scored 57 touchdowns. In 1973, Simpson went passed 2K yards in a single season. The NFL’s 75th Anniversary All-Time team included him as well.

7. Steve Tasker

Steve Tasker is the one who brought the special team’s play in Buffalo Bills. The receiver has 51 passes for 779 yards. Steve Tasker’s number don’t speak about the legacy he carries.His impact on the game makes him a legendary player. The five-time All-Pro and seven times Pro Bowler is the only special team player to win an MVP.

8. Darryl Talley

Darryl Talley played for the Bills in 12 seasons. He was one of their most important players in the Super Bowl appearances of the side. Talley has 1,252 tackles, 12 interceptions, 38.5 sacks and 17 forced fumbles. He is a two-time All-Pro and two-time Pro Bowler.

9. Joe Ferguson

Ferguson played for three more teams other than the Buffalo Bills. But his campaign for the Bills from 1973 to 1984 made him the star he is. Ferguson was top ten in pass attempts for five times, passing touchdowns six times, completing and passing yards four times, and yards per pass for three times. He’s never been to All-Pro and Pro Bowls.

10. Fred Smerlas

Fred Smiles was the strongest pillar of the Bills defense in the 80s.The man recorded his career high AV of 17 in 1982 season and made it to the All-Pro. Smiles is five times Pro Bowler. Later, the advent of other stars made this one diminish with time.

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