Buffalo Bills AFC Championship

Witness Buffalo Bills AFC Championship History 

Buffalo Bills AFC Championship
Buffalo Bills AFC Championship History


Buffalo Bills AFC Championships proved that Bills is one of the toughest team in an American Football Conference East division. They have gained popularity because of their productive game results, which were the outcomes of their rigorous summer training. Recently, the Bills lost their track in active playoffs, as they did not make it to NFL matches. Check out Buffalo Bills AFC Championship History.

Today, the Bills is still missing in action for 21st-century competitions. In spite of this, Buffalo Bills had outstanding games as part of the Football history.

# 1990: Buffalo Bills vs. Los Angeles Raiders

The Buffalo Bills AFC Championship with Los Angeles Raiders ended in an epic victory. The game took place in Buffalo last January 20, 1991. Bills scored 53 over Raiders 3 or (53-3). This put the Raiders down and ended the game with their faces on the ground.

Defense is the Raiders specialty in winning a football match. On the other hand, Bills had a heads up in winning battles through top scoring offenses in the league. This was something that made The Buffalo Bills AFC Championship winning memorable.

In the end, Buffalo’s fans brought home their victory after making the lead in this game’s playoffs. Thanks to the implausible catches of Tim Brown, and an incredible touch down by James Lofton.

# 1991: Buffalo Bills vs. Denver Broncos

The mighty Buffalo faced the Broncos. This game gave Denver Broncos their worst ever match in AFL Championship. Last January 12, 1992, Buffalo Bills gave the Broncos their nightmare.  A game with a score of 10-7 ended the field with Bill’s sounding victory.

At the first quarter of the game, the Broncos thrilled the football field with its four offensive positions. Afterward, punts and interceptions followed this. The score of Buffalo Bills AFC Championship against Denver Broncos was by Carlton Bailey’s 11 yards interception return and Scott Norwood’s 44-yard field goals. Everything heated up at the start of the 3rd and 4th quarter.

Broncos sought this game as a terrible loss since they lost a chance to place a goal at the end time.

# 1992: Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins

The facing of the two great East division football teams, the Buffalo Bills against Miami Dolphins took place last November 16, 1992. This game proved again the reign of the Bills in a football field. They ended the match with a score of 26-20.

At Joe Robbie Stadium Weather Station, Miami-Dade County Florida, Buffalo bills another Buffalo Bills AFC Championship took place that left them with a victory. Together with the scattered clouds on that day, were the scattered embarrassments of the Miami Dolphins.

The players such as Steve Christie and Kenneth Davis leave a mark of field goals and rush kicks. This gave the Dolphins one of their greatest challenges. For this reason, Buffalo Bills left Florida with team pride.

# 1993: Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs

A Conference Championship took place in the year of 1993. It was a Buffalo Bills AFC Championship against the Kansas City Chiefs. The team’s football coach during this time was no other than Marv Daniel Levey, who even won an award.

The team won against Chiefs with a score of 30-13. Due to the team’s hard work and dedication to undergone different pieces of training, a successful game paid off their adversity. The Bills proved again their worth as a team in both American Football League and National Football League.

Today, Buffalo Bills were temporarily out of the 21st-century football competitions. Though they have not made it this time, fans are still waiting for their ultimate come back. This only means, we are about to see a stronger Football team.

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