Buffalo Bills Facebook Fans

Top Buffalo Bills Facebook Fans Pages 2018

Buffalo Bills Facebook Fans
Top Buffalo Bills Facebook Fans Pages 2018 “(Getty Images)


Official Buffalo Bills Facebook Fans Page

Buffalo Bills Team has taken over the social media apart from the radio stations that they have. The great thing about having it on Facebook is that millions of people open their Facebook every second so the frequency of visiting the page is more.

The Buffalo Bills Team always post their status regarding events and updates about everything involved in NFL. The thing with Facebook is that when they post, it goes on top of the page of fans who are following the Buffalo Bills Facebook Fans page. The more it goes frequent on top of fans’ pages as they hit the like button and leave their insight about the updates posted by the Buffalo Bills.

Another feature that this social media page feature is that they mention in their updates about the different positions needed and achieved by all of the 32 NFL Teams. It is great that the status and updates of Buffalo Bills Facebook Fans page have generated 817,730 Buffalo Bills Football Fans on Facebook.

Buffalo Bills Facebook Live

As millions of Buffalo Bills Football Fans are online most of the time, it is easy to catch the eyes of them on Facebook. Facebook live is the new addition to the amazing features of Facebook. Buffalo Bills Facebook Fans page is now regularly go on live with their prominent players. the bills fans get chance to watch their favorite players interviewed on Buffalo Bills Facebook Live.

Tre’Davious White on his first day in Buffalo is telling how it feels to be in the Mighty  Bills squad on facebook Live which hits 65 shares and 445 comments. the man has surprised thousands of Buffalo Bills Facebook Fans.


Tre'Davious White Live on Facebook

We're live with Tre'Davious White on his first day in Buffalo!And he has a surprise for our Facebook fans. Tune in all weekend on NFL Network! bufbills.co/rDZqv5

Posted by Buffalo Bills on Friday, April 28, 2017


Top Popular Buffalo Bills Facebook Fans Page 2018

 Facebook Page Name | Like
 Facebook Page  Link 
Buffalo Bills | 816,421 + Buffalo Bills
 Buffalo Bills Fanatics | 33,203 + Fanatics 
The Buffalo Bill Étterem | 4,811 +
Buffalo Bills on 247sports | 54,858 +
The Buffalo Bills on Scout | 8,444 +
 Buffalo Bill’s Brewery | 13,452 +
 Buffalo Bill Steak House | 4,945 +
Steak House
The  Buffalo Bills from B/R | 7,030 +
 Buffalo Bill’s Resort and Casino | 2,678 +
Resort and Casino
 Buffalo Bills Premium Snacks | 29,080 +
Premium Snacks
The  Buffalo Bills Fanpage | 8,105 +
 Buffalo Bills, Whistler | 5,742 +
The Buffalo Bills Tailgating | 17,198 +
Buffalo Bill Center of the West | 46,901 + Center of the West 
 Restaurante Buffalo Bill Fortaleza | 5,858 +

Top Popular Buffalo Bills Facebook Fans Group 2017

 Facebook Group Name | Likes
 Facebook Group Link 
Buffalo Bills Fanatics | 18,016 + Fanatics
The Buffalo Bills 13th Man | 1,333 +
13th Man
 BILLS MAFIA | 42,715 +
Buffalo Bills Nation | 1,646 +
Bills Nation
Bills Mafia Babes | 1,158 +
Bills Mafia Babes
 The Buffalo Bills Never Say Die ! | 2,334 +
Never Say Die
 Buffalo Bills Backers International | 2,076 +
Bills Backers International
The Buffalo Bills Wagon Train | 2,203 +
Bills Wagon Train
 Buffalo Fans For Life | 1,933 +
 Fans For Life
 All Fans BUFFALO BILLS | 3,211 +
 All Fans 
 One Buffalo Center
One Buffalo Center 


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