Buffalo Bills Team New Rosters 2017

Buffalo Bills Rosters 2017
Buffalo Bills Rosters 2017

The Buffalo Bills are an American football team, the club competes in the NFL. Though their original franchise was from the AFL when it started in 1960s but as result of the merger in the 1970’s season between AFL and NFL, they started playing for the NFL. The team is based in the Buffalo – the Niagara Falls metropolitan area. The Buffalo Bills are member club of the league of AFC. During the 1964 and 1965 Bills were the only team representing Buffalo. The Buffalo Bills won 2 consecutive AFL titles in 1964 and 1965, but the club has not yet won a league championship since. Just missing a near collapse in the 1980s the team initiated its rebuilding efforts, it did show some improvements as the team won four consecutive AFC championships but that was it. After the AFC championship wins it failed to show any further improvement as it lost all four subsequent super bowls. Bills were shrouded with failures in rebuilding its team as it suffered a 16 year playoff drought in the league. The NFL meetings held on Oct 8th 2014, Terry and Kim Pegula had received a unanimous approval to buy the Buffalo Bills.

The Buffalo Bills roster has not been anything as it was in 1973, where stars like Tom Brady and Cam Newton were on every football fans lips. O.J Simpson also played for the Buffalo Bills from 1969 to 1979 but the year 1973 total made him standout with first running back out to run 2000 running yards in the season. Simpson was voted for the NFL MVP of the season. The roster under its star players managed to give the Buffalo Bills a winning record of 9-5. The recent 2016 Buffalo Bills roster shreds some rays of hope with its technique of picking up players have been much diversified. People like Shaq Lawson a 4 star recruit rated by the, keeping in mind Shaq shoulder surgery players like Marcell Dareus, Jerry Hughes and Ronald Darby can rise up in the team. Its coach Rex Ryan also offered NBA star LeBron James in the roster. LeSean McCoy have been struggling with his injuries but can be proven to be one of the best runner back of the season. The solid punter Colton Schmidt has his job secured by its performance in the last season. Buffalo Bills with its strong 18 rookies under the hood can give it a tight mix strategy in the game as some says is planned by Rex Ryan.

The current rookies have been picking up their tricks in St. John Fisher College, Pittsford, New York. The Buffalo Bills have set up its training camp here since the 2000’s. The Buffalo Bills mascot is Billy the Buffalo, an 8 feet tall American bison who wears the jersey BB. The Bill Backers have been the official fan organization of the Bills. The recent tech trends have also gathered in Twitter under Bill Mafia since 2010. Johnny Murphy is the team current play by play announcer. The Buffalo Bills ranks in the league of NFL in the 12 position with 23.7 points, with 360.9 yards stands in the 13th position, 208.9 28th position in pass yards and 152 rush yards it manages to stay at the top.