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Baltimore Ravens vs Buffalo Bills Review Highlights

Baltimore Ravens upset Bills by 7-13

While the rivalry between the Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens may not be at the top of the list when it comes to classic NFL rivalries, it’s beginning to become one of the best to watch on any given Sunday.The Buffalo Bills vs. the Baltimore Ravens in week 1 of the 2016-2017 season was one for the ages. If you appreciate a strong, knock-down-drag-out defensive battle, then this was the game for you. Let’s check out Baltimore Ravens vs Buffalo Bills Review Highlights 2016.


Baltimore Ravens vs Buffalo Bills Review Highlights 2016
Baltimore Ravens vs Buffalo Bills Review Highlights 2016 Getty

Game Analysis

With no Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers to help push the scoring forward, you get to witness the Tyrod Taylor and Joe Flacco show. If you were looking for an offensive explosion, you are looking at the wrong game.

Ending in favor of the Ravens by a score of 13 – 7, this was a defensive struggle from beginning to end. While the Ravens were determined to keep Tyrod Taylor squarely in their sights, securing him was another matter entirely. He completed 15 out of 22 passing attempts that helped keep the Bills within striking distance of the Ravens for most of the game.

Flacco, on the other hand, completed 22 out of 33 passing attempts for 258 yards. He completed he lone touchdown of the game to help secure a victory in week one.

 Last 5 Games: Baltimore Ravens vs Buffalo Bills Review Highlights 2016


The table below shows the Bills gave head to Head fight against the Ravens at the last game. The status quo of last five games is in favor of the Ravens.

  1. Sep 11, 
  2. Sep 29, 2013:
  3.  Oct 24, :
  4. Oct 21, :  
  5.  Dec 31, :


Important Remarks

After the game, the Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan was quoted as saying that

“it’s only week one and we have plenty of time to turn things around.”

While the Baltimore Raven’s coach John Harbaugh lauded the skills of his ex-quarterback backup and current Bill’s starter Tyrod Taylor, saying,

“His quarterback rating last year was very high (it was actually at 99.4). He did it with his legs, certainly, but that is not to take away what from what he has done with his arm and his mind. He operates an offense extremely well. He manages the game very well. He is an accurate thrower. He makes good decisions. The added element of the fact that is he is probably one of the best athletes in the game just makes him a real weapon.”

Fortunately for Harbaugh, the Ravens were able to escape with a 13 – 7 victory over the Buffalo Bills.

The Bills could get a much-needed boost in the coming weeks with the return of Safety Aaron Williams after missing almost a month with a concussion. Stephon Gilmore and Ronald Darby could really use the added help in the secondary, as that is where Flacco operated with immunity.

Ravens vs Bills Highlights 2016

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Buffalo Bills vs. Baltimore Ravens Match Preview 2016 Week 1

Buffalo Bills vs. Baltimore Ravens Match Preview 2016 Week 1

Buffalo Bills vs. Baltimore Ravens Match Preview 2016 Week 1

The Buffalo Bills will take on the Baltimore Ravens   on Sunday ,September  11 at  1pm Eastern at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore .The Game will be available for Watching Buffalo Bills vs Baltimore Ravens Match Live Streaming TV on CBS .

This game will be exciting as a new season always bring all teams on the same page .However the ,Bils have been working rather hard this of season to become a much stronger team .

Upcoming in Week 1 on Sunday start a highly competitive game which  sees  the Buffalo Bills face off against the Baltimore Ravens .but before the game who can have the best chance of getting a 1-0 record in this highly anticipated match up?

Buffalo Bills vs. Baltimore Ravens Match Preview 2016 Week 1
Buffalo Bills vs. Baltimore Ravens Match Preview 2016 Week 1

Match Day ,Sunday ,September 11th 2016
Match Time  1.00 p.m ET
Venue :Baltimore ,Md
Bills vs Ravens:

Last Five Results :

Bills     Won 3,            Lost 2

6th Dec: Won (30-21) Vs Houston Texans

13th Dec :Lost (20-23) Vs Philadelphia Eagles

20th Dec: Lost (25-35) Vs Washington Redskins

27th Dec: Won (16-6) Vs Dallas Cowboys

3rd Jan: Won (22-17) Vs New York Jets

Ravens:           Won  1,            Lost  4

6th Dec: Lost (13-15) vs Miami Dolphins

13th Dec: Lost (6-35) Vs  Seattle Seahawks

20th Dec:Lost (14-34) Vs Kansas city

27th Dec : Won (20-17) Vs  Pittsburgh Steelers

3rd Jan: Lost (16-24) vs  Cincinnati Bengals

 Head to Head  Record   series Tied 3-3-0

Points  Sccred  Buffalo Bills 102 , Baltimore Ravens 120

10/31/99       Buffalo wn    A     (23-20)

10/24/04      Baltimore Wn H     (37-34) OT

12/31/06     Buffalo  Wn   A    (19-14)

10/21/07   Baltimore  Wn  H   (19-7)

10/24/10   Baltimore  Wn   H  (20-6)

09/29/13     Buffalo  Wn   A    (13-10)

Which players are More Popular ?

A dolphus Washington ,many Lawson and Kyle Williams have all become popular defensive players for the Bills in recent time .Washington has especially wowed fans during the preseason as he could become one of the best rookies this year .Dan Carpenter has especially become popular being a kicker with one of the strongest legs in the league.

For the Ravens ,safeties Kendrick Hill have both become very popular .They have become noteworthy defenders on the team ‘s secondary

Comparison of the Two Teams

A good comparison deserve to be seen in Bills at Ravens preview .A great example of this comes from how the two teams have different attitudes in terms of how  offense works .

The Bills had 152 rushing yards per game last year while the Ravens had only about 92 yards per game Meanwhile, the Ravens had 266 passing yards per game versus the 208 from the Bills.

LeSean  McCoy and Reggie Bush are expected to be major contributors to the Bills’ running game .Sammy Watkins should be fully healthy for the Bills on the receiving end of thing .For the Ravens ,Justin Forsett is hoping to have a bigger year as he takes the helm on the running side . The team’s strong defense will be led by Terrell Suggs and Courtney Upshaw at the outside  linebacker position .

Which Team Will Win and Why ?

The Bills are the favorites  to win game in that the Bills appear to have a steady base .The Bills’will be led by Tyord who is expected to improve this year while adding a new aspect of the Bills’ offensive attack. The expanded role that Taylor is expected to take in will certainly be a positive.

In addition ,the Ravens have substantial concerns with their aging and weak  offense. Although Joy Flacco is indeed a strong quarterback ,wide receiver Breshad  Perriman has been fragile in recent time while tight end Crockett Gillmore is unproven .Steve smith  Sr. is  especially not getting any younger as the top wide out on the team.

Last Five Match Results

The Ravens have a 3-2 record against the Bills in their last five games with each other .this dates all the way back to 2004 .the last game between the two took place in September 2013 when  the Ravens lost 23-20

The Ravens were led by 347 passing yards from Joe  Flacco .This came in spite of the Ravens having the ball for about 233 minutes .The Bills defense did limit former Ravens running back Ray Rice to 17 rushing yards . The Ravens also had two interception against Bills quarterback EJ Manuel.

Prediction 2016 Week 1

The Buffalo Bills VS Baltimore Ravens game will certainly be a thrilling one to watch .this should be close but the expanding offensive force of the Bills will certainly make a difference .Expect the Bills to take in a 28-24 win.