Buffalo bills Beautiful Cheerleaders 2016

Top Six Buffalo bills Beautiful Cheerleaders 2016

Top Six Buffalo bills Beautiful Cheerleaders 2016

A lot of people like the amazingly beautiful Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders, and if you are a fan, then you want more. Any true fan of the Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders is going to want to have items that are associated with these beautiful ladies. Of all the NFL teams out there nowadays, the Bills have plenty of admirers, but people love their cheerleaders, too. In case you wish to get a chance to celebrate that favorite Bills cheerleader you have, then you are going to be thrilled that you can do this easier than you might think.

Buffalo bills Beautiful Cheerleaders 2016
                  Top Six Buffalo bills Beautiful Cheerleaders 2016

Hottest Buffalo Jills Kayla

One of the hottest buffalo bill cheerleader is the veteran, Kayla. Kayla dances on Emily’s line between Jenny and Alyssa K She is working towards completing her degree in social work with the intention to obtain a Ph.D. one day. Even as she continues working hard to that end, she would also love to go into sports broadcasting and be the next Suzy Kolber; her hero. She puts a lot of emphasis on her appearance and is much disciplined about time.


The next super-hot Buffalo Jill is Hayley. Hayley dances on Emily’s line between Emily and Jenny She is a brunet that went blond. She already has in her possession an associate’s degree in criminal justice. She has a passion for dance and is working towards a double major in dance and legal studies. She is his highly talented and gorgeous in every way.


Jenny of the buffalo bills also makes it to our list of hottest cheerleaders. Jenny dances on Christina’s line next to Natalie and Amanda V She is quite the gifted dancer. Unlike most girls dancing for the bills, she already has her degree in communications. She says she would love to use her degree to help homeless animals find homes.

Amanda V

Another stunning Jill is Amanda V. she anchors one end of Christina’s line next to Lindsey C. she is a future attorney she loves to drive and has traveled the world extensively. Amanda loves staying busy and being constantly on the go. She is also a dance instructor and also a cheer instructor.

Lindsey C

Next is beauty Lindsey C. Lindsey C stands as co-captain to the team and a big inspiration to her teammates. She works at a non-profit organization as a fundraiser. She is also an active member of the Jacquie for All Foundation, which is dedicated to fighting Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.

Katie B

Last on our list is Katie B. she dances on Christina’s line between Loren and Lindsey C. Besides being immensely popular; she teaches hip-hop dance classes. She is also great with hair and dreams of having her salon one day.