Seattle Seahawks vs Buffalo Bills Review Highlights 2016

Bills Stumbles to Seahawks by 25 – 31

The two teams had met 12 times before this game, and Seattle held an advantage of beating Bills 7-5, and the odds were to the advantage of Seattle, which still won. Check out Buffalo Bills vs Seattle Seahawks Review Highlights 2016.

Bills vs Seahawks Highlights
Bills vs Seahawks Highlights

Game Analysis 

The Monday night clash saw Seattle Seahawks (5-2-1) beat Buffalo Bills (4-5)  at the at CenturyLink Field. This helped Seahawk move up to number 2 in the NFC spot, with the 31-25 win. Seahawks’ attacks were mainly by Jimmy Graham and Russell Wilson. This might have been statistically the most dominant game that Jimmy Graham played since he became a Seahawk, evidence that Seahawks have learned to trust him. He indeed made the difference in the performance that his team showed. Receiver Paul Richardson  saying,

“Jimmy is a human highlight reel.

I believe when the ball is even in his direction, he’s bound to make something special happen.”

Kam Chancellor and Micheal Bennet, on the other hand, were the most inactive players on the Seahawks’ side.

Christine Micheal performed a 2-yard TD run that saw the Bills take an early lead.
The game was a comeback for quarterback Rusell Wilson. He had been hampered by injuries all year long, but his game was like his old self  Running back C.J. Prosise commented on this saying that it was evident that  there was a little different in that game, which was in their offense, adding that “We’re really excited

“We’re really excited about what’s coming forward.”

Some game analysts had however claimed that Wilson would be the weakness that Bills would use to defeat Seahawks.

 Last 5 Games: Buffalo Bills vs Seattle Seahawks Review Highlights 2016

The table below shows the Bills gave head to Head fight against the Ravens at the last game since the status quo of last five games is in favor of the Seahawks.

  1. Nov 01 , 
  2.  Dec 16, 2012:  
  3.  Sep 07, :  
  4.  Nov 28, :  
  5.  Nov 11, :  

Teams’ Remarks

Controversy on this week’s game came with Bills’ field goal attempt. This was after jumping offside by Richard Sherman. Since the referee failed to blow the whistle, Sherman continued, touching the ball and roughing Dan Carpenter. However, Bills’ head coach Rex Ryan had not penalized Sherman for this. Commenting after the game, Sherman defended himself telling ESPN’s Lisa Salters kept playing on until it was blown. He added that he went straight after the ball, not Carpenter. He added that once the ball is tipped while paling, the rule that applies is that there is no flag.

After the game, Coach Pete Carroll acknowledged that this was not the performance that everyone expected from them, implying the injuries of Russell Wilson, Thomas Rawls, Kam Chancellor and Michael Bennett had affected the quality of their play. This, he added, had carried on for the past 8 weeks. It was evident at the struggling running game all along, and the continuous presence of defense in the field. However, even with the bending of the defense, it did not break.

Seahawks vs Bills Highlights 2016

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Percy Harvin

Life of Percy Harvin

Percy Harvin Bills
Percy Harvin

Percy Harvin was born to William Percival Harvin and Linda Chesapeake in 1988 May 28, his full names are William Percy Harvin. He lived with his mother and sister after his father passed away. Linda had a daycare facility at their home where Harvin helped to care for the children. She also worked in Virginia at Princess Anne High school where she ran track and after a while, she coached the tracks team. Percy Harvin’s sister also ran track at Eastern Michigan University and Salem High School.

Harvin was very gifted from childhood which was noticed when he played football at the age of six years. When he was 13, he played in Pop Warner football team and led the team to national championship.

Date of birth: May 28, 1988 (age 29
Place of birth: esapeake, Virginia
Height: 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Weight: 190 lb (86 kg)


High School Career

Harvin’s career kicked off when he was still a young boy at the age of six and played from the Warner team to the Nationals. His high school career started at Landstown High school where he was noted to have very high speed in the field still a freshman. He had a speed of 4.32 seconds in the 40-yard dash for freshmen. He joined the Landstown Eagles and they won 14-0. In his high school career, Harvin also participated in US Army Bowl. Percy Harvin received the National Junior player of the year award in 2005. The ranked Harvin as the overall junior player and second by the

Despite the many accomplishments, Harvin received a one-year suspension when he was in high school for poor conduct himself as a sportsman. Despite these, Harvin remained the top scorer high school athlete with 77 scores and is the first player to win five gold medals since 1936.

Professional Career:

Harvin finished his college career as the highest rated and most offensive player in the school’s history. He had a total of 13 touchdowns and 133 catches and was the first ever in University of Florida rushing one hundred yards and receiving 100 in the same game in 2007. Harvin has played for several teams; in 2009, he played for the Minnesota Vikings, in 2013 for the Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets in 2014, and Buffalo Bills in 2015 and 2016.

Recently as mentioned above he played for the Buffalos where he finished his season with 19 catches for 218 yards and 5attempts in 31 rushing yards. His last award was the Pepsi Rookie of the year in 2009. Harvin has played 70 games and started 60.

Bills Percy Harvin with a Huge 51-Yard For Bills 

Career Statistics:

Below goes the Receiving Stats of Percy Harvin

  • 2014  Seattle Seahawks  (133 YDS)
  • 2015 Buffalo Bills (218 YDS)
  • 2016 Buffalo Bills (06 YDS)

His Retirement

Harvin first announced his retirement on 15 April 2016 from the National Football League (NFL) saying that he needed time to recover from injuries but he did not get possible returns. When he came back on 7 November 2016, he played against his former team the Seattle Seahawks. He began to experience migraines keeping him out of two major games and ended up in the reserve. Percy Harvin announced his second retirement on 17 March 2017 due to the same migraines that led to his first retirement.

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New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills Review Highlights

Bills Crushed Patriots by 16 – 0

It is always thrilling and what an epic Encounter when it comes to buffalo bills going against New England Patriots. The show is spine tingling and nothing short of breathtaking keeping the fans on their feet and the coaching staff in their sixes and sevens. The athletes came to play as if they were willing to live and die on that particular day. Let’s check out New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills Review Highlights 2016.

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills Rivalry
New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills 2016

On this day it went on record as the Patriots were speechless by the bills after a 16-0 defeat. The match had a lot of speculation with the cardinals both teams going into the match being prepared. But seemingly the Patriots had an upper hand. However, with a touchdown down, lots of fumbles, and a couple of field goals, the Cardinals had no chance of even staging a comeback, going down 16-0 at the blow of the final whistle.

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Game Analysis

The game went down 16-0 in favor of the bills shutting the Patriots and making history. This was courtesy of one touchdown, The Bills were on an upsetting streak and they backed up their win over Arizona with another upset over the Patriots. Their defense was on point. They avoided any first downs from the opponents.

Having lost in their first two encounters, the bills got a much needed and deserved win in addition to a slim chance to get to the playoffs. Being at rock bottom they were motivated since they had nothing to lose but everything to prove. They played as a team all the way especially on defense denying the Patriots a chance to score. Tyrod Taylor cutting edge deliveries at quarterback were key in the intimidation of the Patriots backing up the growth he has undergone.

They managed to find gaps in the Patriots defense especially during their offensive play with a good link up between the quarterback and the wide receiver and countered every move with good defense.

 Last 5 Games: New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills Review Highlights 2016

The table below shows the Bills had to give a tough fight against the Ravens at the last game since the status quo of last five games is in favor of the Seahawks.

  1. Oct 30, 
  2. Oct 02, 2016:  
  3. Nov 23, :
  4.  Sep 20, :
  5.  Dec 28, :

Remarks on the Game

Richie Incognito before the game said,

“This is a big week for us after a win at home over the Cardinals. We’re going to New England, we know what they’re all about, so for us to get a win this week would be big.”

Richie Incognito before the game. They also admitted that The Patriots had a smart team and smart management and were going for the best performance.

The bills had not won a single match in previous encounters with the Patriots at Gillette Stadium According to statistical rankings, the Patriots had an upper hand in every aspect but they ended up on the losing side with bills recording a first win at the Gillette Stadium. It was a mismatch fixture but anything that could happen happened.

Patriots vs Bills Highlights 2016

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Baltimore Ravens vs Buffalo Bills Review Highlights

Baltimore Ravens upset Bills by 7-13

While the rivalry between the Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens may not be at the top of the list when it comes to classic NFL rivalries, it’s beginning to become one of the best to watch on any given Sunday.The Buffalo Bills vs. the Baltimore Ravens in week 1 of the 2016-2017 season was one for the ages. If you appreciate a strong, knock-down-drag-out defensive battle, then this was the game for you. Let’s check out Baltimore Ravens vs Buffalo Bills Review Highlights 2016.


Baltimore Ravens vs Buffalo Bills Review Highlights 2016
Baltimore Ravens vs Buffalo Bills Review Highlights 2016 Getty

Game Analysis

With no Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers to help push the scoring forward, you get to witness the Tyrod Taylor and Joe Flacco show. If you were looking for an offensive explosion, you are looking at the wrong game.

Ending in favor of the Ravens by a score of 13 – 7, this was a defensive struggle from beginning to end. While the Ravens were determined to keep Tyrod Taylor squarely in their sights, securing him was another matter entirely. He completed 15 out of 22 passing attempts that helped keep the Bills within striking distance of the Ravens for most of the game.

Flacco, on the other hand, completed 22 out of 33 passing attempts for 258 yards. He completed he lone touchdown of the game to help secure a victory in week one.

 Last 5 Games: Baltimore Ravens vs Buffalo Bills Review Highlights 2016


The table below shows the Bills gave head to Head fight against the Ravens at the last game. The status quo of last five games is in favor of the Ravens.

  1. Sep 11, 
  2. Sep 29, 2013:
  3.  Oct 24, :
  4. Oct 21, :  
  5.  Dec 31, :


Important Remarks

After the game, the Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan was quoted as saying that

“it’s only week one and we have plenty of time to turn things around.”

While the Baltimore Raven’s coach John Harbaugh lauded the skills of his ex-quarterback backup and current Bill’s starter Tyrod Taylor, saying,

“His quarterback rating last year was very high (it was actually at 99.4). He did it with his legs, certainly, but that is not to take away what from what he has done with his arm and his mind. He operates an offense extremely well. He manages the game very well. He is an accurate thrower. He makes good decisions. The added element of the fact that is he is probably one of the best athletes in the game just makes him a real weapon.”

Fortunately for Harbaugh, the Ravens were able to escape with a 13 – 7 victory over the Buffalo Bills.

The Bills could get a much-needed boost in the coming weeks with the return of Safety Aaron Williams after missing almost a month with a concussion. Stephon Gilmore and Ronald Darby could really use the added help in the secondary, as that is where Flacco operated with immunity.

Ravens vs Bills Highlights 2016

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