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Buffalo Bills vs. Baltimore Ravens Match Preview 2016 Week 1

Buffalo Bills vs. Baltimore Ravens Match Preview 2016 Week 1

Buffalo Bills vs. Baltimore Ravens Match Preview 2016 Week 1

The Buffalo Bills will take on the Baltimore Ravens   on Sunday ,September  11 at  1pm Eastern at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore .The Game will be available for Watching Buffalo Bills vs Baltimore Ravens Match Live Streaming TV on CBS .

This game will be exciting as a new season always bring all teams on the same page .However the ,Bils have been working rather hard this of season to become a much stronger team .

Upcoming in Week 1 on Sunday start a highly competitive game which  sees  the Buffalo Bills face off against the Baltimore Ravens .but before the game who can have the best chance of getting a 1-0 record in this highly anticipated match up?

Buffalo Bills vs. Baltimore Ravens Match Preview 2016 Week 1
Buffalo Bills vs. Baltimore Ravens Match Preview 2016 Week 1

Match Day ,Sunday ,September 11th 2016
Match Time  1.00 p.m ET
Venue :Baltimore ,Md
Bills vs Ravens:

Last Five Results :

Bills     Won 3,            Lost 2

6th Dec: Won (30-21) Vs Houston Texans

13th Dec :Lost (20-23) Vs Philadelphia Eagles

20th Dec: Lost (25-35) Vs Washington Redskins

27th Dec: Won (16-6) Vs Dallas Cowboys

3rd Jan: Won (22-17) Vs New York Jets

Ravens:           Won  1,            Lost  4

6th Dec: Lost (13-15) vs Miami Dolphins

13th Dec: Lost (6-35) Vs  Seattle Seahawks

20th Dec:Lost (14-34) Vs Kansas city

27th Dec : Won (20-17) Vs  Pittsburgh Steelers

3rd Jan: Lost (16-24) vs  Cincinnati Bengals

 Head to Head  Record   series Tied 3-3-0

Points  Sccred  Buffalo Bills 102 , Baltimore Ravens 120

10/31/99       Buffalo wn    A     (23-20)

10/24/04      Baltimore Wn H     (37-34) OT

12/31/06     Buffalo  Wn   A    (19-14)

10/21/07   Baltimore  Wn  H   (19-7)

10/24/10   Baltimore  Wn   H  (20-6)

09/29/13     Buffalo  Wn   A    (13-10)

Which players are More Popular ?

A dolphus Washington ,many Lawson and Kyle Williams have all become popular defensive players for the Bills in recent time .Washington has especially wowed fans during the preseason as he could become one of the best rookies this year .Dan Carpenter has especially become popular being a kicker with one of the strongest legs in the league.

For the Ravens ,safeties Kendrick Hill have both become very popular .They have become noteworthy defenders on the team ‘s secondary

Comparison of the Two Teams

A good comparison deserve to be seen in Bills at Ravens preview .A great example of this comes from how the two teams have different attitudes in terms of how  offense works .

The Bills had 152 rushing yards per game last year while the Ravens had only about 92 yards per game Meanwhile, the Ravens had 266 passing yards per game versus the 208 from the Bills.

LeSean  McCoy and Reggie Bush are expected to be major contributors to the Bills’ running game .Sammy Watkins should be fully healthy for the Bills on the receiving end of thing .For the Ravens ,Justin Forsett is hoping to have a bigger year as he takes the helm on the running side . The team’s strong defense will be led by Terrell Suggs and Courtney Upshaw at the outside  linebacker position .

Which Team Will Win and Why ?

The Bills are the favorites  to win game in that the Bills appear to have a steady base .The Bills’will be led by Tyord who is expected to improve this year while adding a new aspect of the Bills’ offensive attack. The expanded role that Taylor is expected to take in will certainly be a positive.

In addition ,the Ravens have substantial concerns with their aging and weak  offense. Although Joy Flacco is indeed a strong quarterback ,wide receiver Breshad  Perriman has been fragile in recent time while tight end Crockett Gillmore is unproven .Steve smith  Sr. is  especially not getting any younger as the top wide out on the team.

Last Five Match Results

The Ravens have a 3-2 record against the Bills in their last five games with each other .this dates all the way back to 2004 .the last game between the two took place in September 2013 when  the Ravens lost 23-20

The Ravens were led by 347 passing yards from Joe  Flacco .This came in spite of the Ravens having the ball for about 233 minutes .The Bills defense did limit former Ravens running back Ray Rice to 17 rushing yards . The Ravens also had two interception against Bills quarterback EJ Manuel.

Prediction 2016 Week 1

The Buffalo Bills VS Baltimore Ravens game will certainly be a thrilling one to watch .this should be close but the expanding offensive force of the Bills will certainly make a difference .Expect the Bills to take in a 28-24 win.

Live Streaming Android Apps Buffalo Bills Football Game

Live Streaming Android Apps Buffalo Bills Football Game

Bills Live Stream App Android

The NFL Bills App is a great sports companion that never disappoints. Since it is the host, all happenings in the NFL Bills scenes and has encouraging Buffalo Bills Game Live Stream Android App Reviews. The high quality streams that are direct from the fields are unique with the app.

Although the app is not entirely free, the services are quality and worth the prices. The schedules and training sessions are always there for you to stream. This is definitely How to Watch Buffalo Bills Live on Android.

Live Streaming Android Apps Buffalo Bills Football Game

Live Streaming Android Apps Buffalo Bills Football Game

The Sling TV app Android:

The Sling TV app is the Buffalo Bills App. It covers all the NFL games and delivers them to you live and direct on your device. In addition, the app if free for download is you are using Google Play store, Amazon App Store, Roku, Xbox One and App store. The streams are continuous and consistent with no hitch ups. Download link

Both the wireless and the cable devices respond perfectly to this app and the High Definition pictures is definitely How to Watch Buffalo Bills Live on Android.

Buffalo Bills Android Mobile App

This is the official Bills Application and offers live streaming experiences that you will find nowhere else. The personalized news feed from players and the interaction with them is awesome. The social network connection between the app and Facebook and twitter is unique and fast. The HD videos and streams are quick to load and the matches run smoothly.  Download link

It is wonderful to watch post-match highlights on my gadget at very low internet rates. If you need to keep contact with the Bills before and after the matches, then you need this app. It is very compatible and responsive.

Yahoo Sports App Android

Yahoo must be a feature you must be having on your phone. The Yahoo Sports App has incredible, Buffalo Bills Live Stream Android App Reviews due to the fast response. The App is free to download as long as your phone is compatible with the Yahoo App. The connections and internet use is fair and cheap given the high quality streams you will get. Download link

From the App, you can stream previous matches including the training sessions and preseason matches. It is very reliable with smoothness and consistent flow as long as your internet connection and provision is perfect.

NBC Sports App Android

Although this application has some expensive costs, the services are normal to some extent. If thinking on How to Watch Buffalo Bills Live on Android, then I would recommend other apps if you have access. The prices might not match the streams and the response that you will get from the application and its features. Download link

However, if you need a prestigious app to watch the Buffaloes, then this is a perfect one. It is accessible to only a few gadgets and has some downloading charges.


Top 10 Buffalo Bills Games Online Websites

Top 10 Buffalo Bills Games Online Websites Review

Top 10 Buffalo Bills Games Online Websites Review:

According to Wikipedia,The Buffalo Bills are a professional American football team based in the Buffalo–Niagara Falls metropolitan area. The Bills compete in the National Football League, as a member club of the league’s American Football Conference East division. There are may website that are attributed to this American football team but this article will be discussing the top 10 buffalo bill website.

1. Watch Buffalo Bills Games Online official website

This this is official page of the buffalo bills American football team.the feature included on this website are great, which are update new about spot, sales of ticket for fan and viewers of game. Every time update and just of what is going in within the team. Many people visit this website to get more information about the team. This website also include some additional feature which is shopping feature where you can shop for item like wears and such.

Top 10 Buffalo Bills Games Online Websites
                                      Top 10 Buffalo Bills Games Online Websites


2. The Buffalo rumbling

Click here to access the official page of the website
The website is officially meant to post update about about the Bufallo bill teams and also post breaking news about the team in the united state. The bullfallorumbling is a fantastic website to get news update about the bufallow bills american football team. This website is popularly as the the team blog

3. NFL Buffalo bills

The site give the database of the buffalo bills and update about the data of the team on the league table. Features included in the website the website are team information like offenses, defence, passing and also gives the number of down , possession made by the team in comparison to other website.

5. Two bills drive

Click here to have access to the website
This is a forum where the team discussion is made by fans all over the world, most discussion made on this major on the latest on going development on the team and the, the performance of the team on the league table. Fans raise their mind and say them in the discussion forum.

6. ESPN Buffalo bills

Click here to get the Buffalo bills page on ESPN
ESPN is a world renowned sport website for, it should not be a surprise if a team has a page on ESPN. the website generally post update about live scores made in any buffalo bills team.

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Buffalo bills Beautiful Cheerleaders 2016

Top Six Buffalo bills Beautiful Cheerleaders 2016

Top Six Buffalo bills Beautiful Cheerleaders 2016

A lot of people like the amazingly beautiful Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders, and if you are a fan, then you want more. Any true fan of the Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders is going to want to have items that are associated with these beautiful ladies. Of all the NFL teams out there nowadays, the Bills have plenty of admirers, but people love their cheerleaders, too. In case you wish to get a chance to celebrate that favorite Bills cheerleader you have, then you are going to be thrilled that you can do this easier than you might think.

Buffalo bills Beautiful Cheerleaders 2016
                  Top Six Buffalo bills Beautiful Cheerleaders 2016

Hottest Buffalo Jills Kayla

One of the hottest buffalo bill cheerleader is the veteran, Kayla. Kayla dances on Emily’s line between Jenny and Alyssa K She is working towards completing her degree in social work with the intention to obtain a Ph.D. one day. Even as she continues working hard to that end, she would also love to go into sports broadcasting and be the next Suzy Kolber; her hero. She puts a lot of emphasis on her appearance and is much disciplined about time. Continue reading “Top Six Buffalo bills Beautiful Cheerleaders 2016”